Zoom platform – 24th September 2020 – At 6 p.m italian time is started an international Rotary video conference that have connected 7 Rotary Clubs from 7 Countries from around the world, with 3 Continent rapresented.

The meeting named “Is Covid-19 changing Rotary and Rotarian Services?“, was organized by the President of Rotary Club Torino Lagrange Luigi Di Gioia. “In this particular moment that everybody are living – Luigi Di Gioia said – is really important to be able to connect the “rotarian family”, and to show to our Members that we are a lot of people of quality in the world and that creating connections between us is possible.

Every President spoke about their Club, their reality and their Projects for the new rotarian Year, in this unusual moment for our history.
Rotary Institutions, Honorary Members, and a lot of Members was connected to the conference.

We believe that this can be a new and good experience, an important occasion to share ideas and create more power in our actions. It was been a good possibility to realize what our international President said: Rotary opens opportunity!

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